Favor: A World Turned Upside Down

Favor is a young boy born in Africa who has his whole turned upside down when he is adopted into a family from Alaska. To get to Alaska means complete separation from the world he knows and enjoys. Favor is not sure he wants this separation, and he has to make a choice whether or not to accept this new life. Based on a true story.

Early Reader Chapter Book

Farm Fiasco

Have you ever wondered if the person you are talking to is having a different conversation than you are? As if they are hearing something very different than what you are saying? Join Hannah and her two super silly brothers as they giggle through a farm adventure of epic misunderstandings!


Cows! Illustrations! Limericks! OH MY! This delightfully illustrated book, filled with important mooooooorals, teaches children to share with those who are sick, volunteer in their community, and giggle often. Graze your way through the globe while you enjoy cows from around the world in this udder-ly enjoyable read aloud book. “Cow-MOO-nity” invites your children to be one of the “community helpers” so they, too, can moooove their cow-passion from their hearts into their hooves. No bull about it, this is one pasture-ific book!

All proceeds from this book sale go to the Fairbanks Community Food Bank in Fairbanks, Alaska!

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