Anne’s WHY Statement

Children’s Book Author, Anne Weaver, explains WHY she writes Children’s Books.

I have the joy of raising three very different children in a world that often forgets to look for the joy. Therefore, I write children’s books, which focus on the giggles of siblings who work together and play with each other, to encourage families to find ways to laugh together.

There is so much trauma in this world. So many misunderstandings. So much hurt. Finding ways to spread joy and laughter, finding ways to bring hope, to catch children at young ages to help change their trajectories to ones of possibilities, instead of impossibilities, to ones of hope rather than despair… that is why I write children’s books.

My first book published was “Favor: A World Turned Upside Down.” Favor is a young boy born in Africa who has his world turned upside down when he is adopted into a family from Alaska. To get to Alaska means complete separation from the world he knows and enjoys. Favor is not sure he wants this separation, and he has to make a choice whether or not to accept this new life.

With this book, I want readers to know that there is hope and joy, even if the darkness seems overwhelming. That God has a plan, and that there is peace in God’s plan. I want the child who is struggling to realize that good can come from their circumstances, and they can choose to look for the blessings. Everyone has struggles in their lives. This beautifully illustrated children’s book is written for the younger child who may have circumstances in their lives that are outside of their control. Seeing that Favor also had circumstances outside of his control but was still able to find joy in the long run can offer hope to other children. 

My second book is “Farm Fiasco”, which is a spin-off from “Favor”. It features the young boy Favor (Caleb) and his two super silly siblings who laugh together, and enjoy each other’s company. These siblings are brought together through adoption and natural birth, and they demonstrate that not only can siblings enjoy each other’s company, but they don’t even need to look alike to get along.

Coming soon is “Cow-MOO-nity” which is a deviation from my normal art, and was written as a dedication to the Fairbanks Community Food Bank. Cows! Illustrations! Limericks! OH MY! This silly children’s book has a hard hitting moral of helping your fellow community members in need. It features the “Fairbanks Cow-MOO-nity Food Bank” and all proceeds from this book go directly to the Fairbanks Community Food Bank.

In the planning stage are “Zoo Confusion” and “Disaster Stew”, which are in the same style as “Farm Fiasco”. More of the silly siblings enjoying each other’s company, both at a zoo, and in the kitchen of their own home.

These books demonstrate to me the joy of family, grown both traditionally and non-traditionally. It communicates laughter and love in a sometimes tough and dark world. Each book is illustrated by Frances Espanol, a wonderful and talented illustrator who brings to life the joy of these three siblings. Having his illustrations allows these children’s books to reach young AND old, with the hope of making families stronger while bringing some laughter to their days.

Published by Anne Weaver Books

Anne and her family are the founders of Yehovah Yesha. They believe in strengthening families and businesses through teaching parents and leaders how to bless with intention. Children's Books, Speaker Engagements, and Zoom Parenting Group Classes available.

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