Christian Mother Shares the Value of Family Members Blessing One Another in Charming Children’s Book

Christian author Anne Weaver developed a family ministry that focuses on blessing each other intentionally. To share this intentionality with others, she started to write children’s books about her own family and the way they bless one another. Weaver and her husband adopted a child, Favor, from Liberia, Africa and she shares his adoption journey in “Favor: A World Turned Upside Down.” This spirited children’s book follows him as he makes his way from Liberia to his new home in Alaska and showcases how the family showers Favor with love and how he is a shining new blessing in their lives.

The book begins with providing background on Favor’s living situation prior to the adoption. His birth mother, Mama Grace, put Favor into an orphanage in order for him to receive proper nourishment. This was the hardest day of her life, and she is celebrated for making the greatest sacrifice to ensure her son would have the best possible life.

Fast forward to the Weaver family being called by the Lord to visit Liberia to find the missing part of their family, which they quickly realized was Favor. After spending some time in Africa with Favor, who was two years old at the time he was adopted, the Weavers began their journey back to the United States. Even as he faced challenges, Favor began to settle into his new environment with the help of his new siblings and parents. At the end of the story, Favor realizes that we are all children of God and part of a collective family. Favor, along with his new adopted family, send kisses to Mama Grace, who is a part of their family as well.

“Favor” reminds readers to have faith in God’s plan. By sharing Favor’s journey, Weaver hopes that others will find joy and gratitude in life, even during times of uncertainty. This book can be read by families who have adopted children as a relatable, uplifting story about the beauty of an expanded family.

“Learning to live together as a family is a process, and a choice, whether born in or adopted,” said Weaver. “It can be a lovely process, if the family decides to bless each other, even in the most difficult of moments.”

Weaver hopes to spread the message that family has nothing to do with the color of skin or shared blood and everything to do with growing together in love and support.

“Favor: A World Turned Upside Down”
By Anne Weaver
ISBN: 978-1-6642-1799-7 (softcover); 978-1-6642-1800-0 (hardcover); 978-1-6642-1801-7 (e-book)
Available through WestBow Press, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.

About the author
Anne Weaver is the mother of three amazing kids: Hannah, Ezra and Caleb. She and her husband, Bo, had two biological children and felt that their family was missing someone. After time praying and looking to God for an answer, they were called to Liberia, Africa, where their youngest son, Caleb (Favor) was born. Weaver’s children’s book, “Favor,” was written to help Caleb know where he came from and celebrate his choices. Weaver has a second book, “Farm Fiasco,” which follows her three children and their adventure on a farm. Both of her children’s books are part of Yehovah Yasha’s ministry guide and demonstrate that a family that blesses each other, laughs together. Currently, Weaver resides in Fairbanks, Alaska. To connect with the author, please visit her author website:

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Published by Anne Weaver Books

Anne and her family are the founders of Yehovah Yesha. They believe in strengthening families and businesses through teaching parents and leaders how to bless with intention. Children's Books, Speaker Engagements, and Zoom Parenting Group Classes available.

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