About Us

Anne Weaver

Anne, along with her husband Bo, have three beautiful children, whom they enjoy giggling with regularly. This giggling together is what inspired Anne to become a Children’s Book author.

Anne Weaver is the CEO of the Fairbanks Community Food Bank, a celebrated guest speaker, and a trusted voice for parents looking to strengthen their children through intentionally covering them with blessings.

1 Samuel 17:45-47

Yehovah Yasha: The Lord Saves

Bo & Anne, along with their three kiddos, Hannah, Ezra, and Caleb, founded Yehovah Yasha with the desire to encourage not only victorious living, but living that helps OTHERS live victoriously.

We do not fight with sword or spear, nor do we battle with flesh and blood. Our battle is against the principalities and powers of the unseen world, and our battle belongs to the Lord.

To live a life of blessings, we are to acknowledge the world we cannot see, renounce the curses controlling our lives, give the battle up to our Lord, and accept the blessings that God has for us.

Yehovah Yasha teaches you how to bless with intention so you can raise up powerful leaders in a powerless world.