Register for Anne’s “Planting Treasures Within” Live Talk

Interested in strengthening your family by learning how to intentionally bless your children? REGISTER BELOW for the new Parenting Talks: “Planting Treasures Within”. About the course: How we talk to, and think about, our children sets them up for either success or failure. We are either blessing them or cursing them. Anne, with Yehovah Yasha,Continue reading “Register for Anne’s “Planting Treasures Within” Live Talk”

Anne’s Interview on “20Twenty with Neil Johnson” – Australia’s Vision Christian Radio

Anne’s International debut. What a wonderful and rich conversation with Neil. And knowing that the radio station broadcasts all over Australia is exciting and humbling. One email that came in last night, from an Austrailian mother who heard the broadcast, asked about healing from a pain and fear she has carried for close to aContinue reading “Anne’s Interview on “20Twenty with Neil Johnson” – Australia’s Vision Christian Radio”

Christian Mother Shares the Value of Family Members Blessing One Another in Charming Children’s Book

Christian author Anne Weaver developed a family ministry that focuses on blessing each other intentionally. To share this intentionality with others, she started to write children’s books about her own family and the way they bless one another. Weaver and her husband adopted a child, Favor, from Liberia, Africa and she shares his adoption journey in “Favor: A World Turned Upside Down.” This spirited children’s book follows him as he makes his way from Liberia to his new home in Alaska and showcases how the family showers Favor with love and how he is a shining new blessing in their lives. …

“This book is a must have” ` Good News Bible & Book Store Review

Good News Bible & Book Store Aaptgrisl So12rpo nisat d3sc:3go9cm ohePMarerindss  · Happy ARK Day! Todays ARK day is a little different, we have a guest! This is Anne Weaver, she is a local Fairbanks gal. She is a woman with many talents who also has an incredible family that she likes to share with others. This week, Anne,Continue reading ““This book is a must have” ` Good News Bible & Book Store Review”

Kris Capps featured Anne Weaver Books in her News Paper Column!!

The Weaver children – Ezra, Caleb, Hannah – helped create these two books as a family project

Champion for Children Award

How fun to be looking through old News Paper articles and come across this one from two years ago! FAIRBANKS — An enthusiastic group of kindergarteners from Denali Elementary School kicked off the annual Champions for Children recognition dinner with lots of excitement and enthusiasm. This traditional opening performance is a reminder of whatContinue reading “Champion for Children Award”