Guest Speaking Services

Looking Within

To truly be able to bless those around you, we must start by looking within. Anne, through “Yehovah Yasha” offers two other thought provoking topics to include in any Event.

SET FREE We often bind ourselves, and those around us, with curses. The harmful words that we, or others, say; the thoughts that can hold us captive; the fear that can take over our lives; and even generational curses. These all need to be released for us to truly live in the Power and Peace of God. Accepting Jesus as our Lord and Savior, acknowledging the areas of sin in our lives, and repenting of these sins frees us from the curses that trap us.

WALK IN CONFIDENCE Knowing who God is, in all His Wisdom and Glory, and remembering that He WANTS us to come to Him, as we are, is an important part of our walk with Christ. As is learning what it means to have God fight the battle for us. We are not equipped to fight a battle, we are just sheep. We must rely on our Shepherd to fight for us. Our job is simply to walk in confidence knowing our Shepherd has already won the battle!

Stronger Parenting

How we talk to, and think about, our children sets them up for either success or failure. We are either blessing them or cursing them. Anne with “Yehovah Yasha” will teach you how to intentionally bless the children God has entrusted to your care to set them up for maximum success in this sometimes rocky world.

Anne Weaver is a wife, mother of three, published Children’s Book Author, and servant of her Lord and Savior Jesus. She spent years developing a four part Parenting series designed to help you and your children become free from past failures and move forward towards the blessings God intends for you and your family.

This powerful series will open your eyes to a new way of parenting. One that will include JOY in your every day adventure!

Business Leadership

Do you ever think that your team has more potential, but you just don’t know how to tap into their strengths? Anne with “Yehovah Yasha” will teach you how to lead your team into maximum effectiveness through intentional blessings.

Anne Weaver has been a CEO since 2015, and prior to her taking this leadership position, she spent eleven years training directly under the prior CEO. She speaks regularly at Leadership Conferences and Churches, encouraging leadership through intentional blessing. A blessed crew makes for a stronger bottom line!

“You challenged me today. You made me realize that I don’t have to keep speaking in a way that hurts my heart AND those around me. Thank you. There is a freedom I didn’t even know was out there.”

Karen D.