Anne was a Featured Author at the 2021 AASL Conference!

Anne Weaver was honored to be a Featured Author at the AASL (American Association of School Librarians) Conference this last October with her book Favor, A World Turned Upside Down. Yay! The lady in the photo below has excellent taste in children’s books 🙂

“Motherhood Moment” interview, published June 9, 2021

Book Nook: Favor – A World Turned Upside Down  Christian author Anne Weaver developed a family ministry that focuses on blessing each other intentionally. To share this intentionality with others, she started to write children’s books about her own family and the way they bless one another. Weaver and her husband adopted a child, Favor,Continue reading ““Motherhood Moment” interview, published June 9, 2021”

Kris Capps featured Anne Weaver Books in her News Paper Column!!

The Weaver children – Ezra, Caleb, Hannah – helped create these two books as a family project

Information for parents

Parenting:  How we talk to, and think about, our children sets them up for either success or failure. We are either blessing them or cursing them. “Yehovah Yasha” will teach you how to intentionally bless the children God has entrusted to your care to set them up for maximum success in this sometimes rocky world.Continue reading “Information for parents”

Bless with Intention

Overview Are you speaking life, or death, over those around you? God teaches us to bless, intentionally, those around us through our thoughts, words, and actions. We have the joy, and responsibility, of blessing others: as a parent, as a business Leader, as a person in authority, and even as a person with no authorityContinue reading “Bless with Intention”

Set Free

Overview We often bind ourselves, and those around us, with curses. The harmful words that we, or others, say; the thoughts that can hold us captive; the fear that can take over our lives; and even generational curses. These all need to be released for us to truly live in the Power and Peace ofContinue reading “Set Free”