“Motherhood Moment” interview, published June 9, 2021

Book Nook: Favor – A World Turned Upside Down  Christian author Anne Weaver developed a family ministry that focuses on blessing each other intentionally. To share this intentionality with others, she started to write children’s books about her own family and the way they bless one another. Weaver and her husband adopted a child, Favor,Continue reading ““Motherhood Moment” interview, published June 9, 2021”

“This book is a must have” ` Good News Bible & Book Store Review

Good News Bible & Book Store Aaptgrisl So12rpo nisat d3sc:3go9cm ohePMarerindss  · Happy ARK Day! Todays ARK day is a little different, we have a guest! This is Anne Weaver, she is a local Fairbanks gal. She is a woman with many talents who also has an incredible family that she likes to share with others. This week, Anne,Continue reading ““This book is a must have” ` Good News Bible & Book Store Review”