Had fun today reading “Cow-MOO-nity”, the book I wrote in support of the Fairbanks Community Food Bank, to a tour group of Scouts today!

Anne’s Interview on “20Twenty with Neil Johnson” – Australia’s Vision Christian Radio

Anne’s International debut. What a wonderful and rich conversation with Neil. And knowing that the radio station broadcasts all over Australia is exciting and humbling. One email that came in last night, from an Austrailian mother who heard the broadcast, asked about healing from a pain and fear she has carried for close to aContinue reading “Anne’s Interview on “20Twenty with Neil Johnson” – Australia’s Vision Christian Radio”

Thank you for all who purchased books in March! Here’s the results!

I just adore being able to support these two wonderful schools. Special thanks to everyone who purchased books in March, allowing close to $1000 in donations! Huge shout out to Catholic Schools of Fairbanks and Summit Christian Academy in North Pole. Woot!