“Planting Treasures Within”

Interested in strengthening your family by learning how to intentionally bless your children? REGISTER BELOW for the new Parenting Talks: “Planting Treasures Within”.

About the course:

How we talk to, and think about, our children sets them up for either success or failure. We are either blessing them or cursing them. Anne, with Yehovah Yasha, will teach you how to intentionally bless the children God has entrusted to your care to set them up for maximum success in this sometimes rocky world.


2022: Tuesday January 4, 11, 18, 25
From 7pm – 8:30pm PACIFIC TIME
Part presentation, part Q&A

Registration price: $10


Planting Treasures Within REGISTRATION

Join Anne in her live Talks, hosted by Journey Christian Church


Published by Anne Weaver Books

Anne and her family are the founders of Yehovah Yesha. They believe in strengthening families and businesses through teaching parents and leaders how to bless with intention. Children's Books, Speaker Engagements, and Zoom Parenting Group Classes available.

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